The former Live wire star and now the lead presenter for the Nbs uncut night show who also doubles for a number of different slots in the next media family Zahara Toto was caught on camera fighting with a fellow workmate Posha. The fight was induced by Posha’s suggestion to Zahara Toto to also consider being active on Twitter because she believes it is a big social media platform that they are missing out on due to the lack of Zahara Toto’s presence on Twitter.

Zahara Toto was furious because of the notion that Twitter is a big platform. According to her exchange, she claimed that she has a big following on Facebook and people should stop bothering her with claims of “Twitter is powerful”. Posha followed with a plea that they also needed her impact on Twitter, therefore she should get tweeting.

The Furious Zahara Toto threw a chair around the studio before she exited the next media radio studio in rage. However, before she exited the studio, one KK interjected in silence hopefully to handle the matter once Zahara Toto and Posha had come down.

Posha was also furious on grounds that Zahara Toto never listens. She claimed that Zahara Toto always wants to do her own thing. With that said, Posha said she cannot continue this since she has had enough.

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