Animal Translocation in Kidepo N.P

The progressive translocation of 150 kobs by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to the Kidepo Valley National Park from Murchison Falls National is achieved before 90 of them receive new addresses on Tuesday.

All the kobs reached Kidepo Valley National Park well save for one that endured a right rear leg strain and was kept in captivity temporarily.

“Murchison Falls National Park is home to over 40,000 kobs,” revealed by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) boss Edward Seguya.

“This is was too much for the park’s carrying limit. So the activity regards decongest one national park and offer another a species on the edge of extinction somewhere else.”

Extemporizing capturing strategy for building a tented triangle with versatile tarpaulin container and 6 trucks transferred the kobs towards a set enclosure. Some kobs went flying over the 6 feet wall. Some hit a deadlock and slid to the ground before being gotten by a team of officers.

Asked as to whether the transfer of these animals to semi-dry Karamoja was not a contrivance to give food to the lions in Kidepo Valley National Park, authorities ignored the matter.

“Prior to the translocation of the kobs to Kidepo Valley National Park, the lions lived there, even more, and they were feasting on several preys,” said UWA representative Gessa Simplicious.

“This translocation practice is an ordinary conservation activity connected to reintroduce species that are at the edge of extinction in certain areas. We have done it before with giraffes, elands, and zebras.”

Dr. Driciru Margaret in Murchison Falls National Park said the kobs had their blood tests taken and were sedated to reduce the shock of going in a lorry for the first time.

“It is the same to people getting on the plane the first time,” said Margaret. “We get the blood tests to be able to monitor their well-being status. It is only a procedure. If they get adaptation problems we know what to do.”

She included that despite the fact that their methods are not the easiest, they have enhanced from getting 6 to 30 animals in a single exercise that lasts under 15 minutes.

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