Of late, the Uganda religious leaders have encouraged a mass sensitization of local people on the likelihood of the nation as a world-class tourism destination.

Recently the religious leaders who were being flagged off for an in-nation tourism visit expressed that most Ugandans live in the areas without knowing their hidden potential as tourism destinations until the point that they are taught the significance of tourism.

“We need serious sensitization for Ugandans to comprehend tourism. Most Ugandans don’t know these things,” Joshua Were, the manager of the national fellowship of born again churches, said.

He informed the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and also the Minister of tourism that as a contrasting option to talking in the boardroom, they need to move out and clarify the advantages of protection and conservation of various tourist destinations to the local communities.

“We are willing to market Uganda’s tourism potential, yet we don’t have the information. Religious leaders have extensive congregations, in the event that you give them information about the country’s tourism, they will be able to persuade them to take an interest in domestic tourism,” he said.

Likewise, he clarified that there is a need for information on tourism and tourism-related commercials to be translated into languages most known by locals for people who are keen about investing in the industry, however, somehow can’t push forward because of the language problem.

Bishop Herbert Buyondo, who represented Pastor Joseph Sserwadda, said that they don’t comprehend what to say or sell as far as tourism in the nation because of a lack of information about the tourism sites in the country.

“In spite of the harsh environment in neighboring countries, people their adoration their nation. One can’t mess with their country. On the off chance that one does as such, can be deported immediately, however, Ugandans don’t have the foggiest idea about their nation,” said Sheikh Muhammed Ali Waiswa, the deputy Mufti.

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