Travel enthusiasts are fond of tasting the different cuisines a given country has to offer. In the case of Uganda, the Ugandan food cuisines have changed over time. It should be noted that whenever you find fried dishes, it is likely something that has just been adopted. For that matter here is what to look out for in case you wish to taste that unaltered Ugandan cuisines.

Meal Courses

Food is often presented in courses but this is something foreign to the indigenous Ugandan societies. Food has always been scarce in most societies and for that matter, they did not have the luxury of having courses. It is simply the one dish and you are good to go.

However, over time, Ugandans have adopted the culture of courses. In case you wish to have a meal given in courses, then you will have to consider hotels’ restaurants. There you will have the luxury of having a starter, main course, and dessert. Depending on your budget, you can have from as low as a two-course meal up to a 10-course meal.


It would be demeaning to think that Ugandans do not use cutlery but the truth of the matter is Ugandans prefer their indigenous dishes without cutlery. For that matter, cutlery is a foreign thing. However, over time, a fork has become something very normal to use.

In situations where you would have needed a knife, indigenous Ugandans would prefer using bare hands. But among a few circles, people can afford to use a full set of cutlery with ease but it should not be to your surprise if people only use the fork or spoon as their cutlery.

Local Dishes

Local dishes can be divided into three categories. The upmarket restaurant dishes, average town restaurant dishes, and the village Ugandan dishes.

Upmarket restaurants have the luxury of offering a buffet of food that is well prepared. Their menu is often red meat, white meat, and legumes. This is often served with Rice, Matooke, Posho, Cassava, Sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, and millet bread.

Average town restaurants offer the same meals as market restaurants but the food taste is often miserable and sometimes unbearable for anyone that has tasted good food before.

The village dishes are sometimes similar in taste to those of the average town restaurants however they usually have the option of non-fried food because they are always on a tight budget. It is the kind of food that might be really unique.

Ugandan Snacks

Snacking is one of the basic foundations of life in urban life. They also vary from one place to another but the commonest of all include the following; Chapattis, Rolex, Samosas, pan cakes, fried cassava, grilled maize, grilled bananas, and doughnuts

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