The Belgian movie star most known for his role in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s action movies such as blood spot, and Kickboxer among other top sellers has acquired himself a diplomatic passport from the democratic republic of Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been considered by many as one of the most unsafe African countries. However, this is not the truth since most of the civil wars have been centered in particular locations while some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo are safe and sound. In an attempt to change the narrative, the Democratic Republic of Congo has appointed Jean Claude Van Damme as their brand ambassador to lure international movie stars such as Silvester Stallone, and Jackie Chan among other top names in his acting field to visit the democratic republic of Congo.

Besides the tourism branding, the Democratic Republic of Congo seeks to attract a number of international investors to the country. The East African community‘s latest member is the richest African country in regard to minerals but its image has been marred on the international scene by the continuous civil wars.

It should be noted that the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the three countries in the whole world where you can find mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. It is also the cheapest mountain gorilla trekking destination on the African continent. Unfortunately, unlike the neighboring countries where self-drive safaris are possible, due to poor roads, travelers might have to stick to the traditional classic African safaris.


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