For over one year, the Covid-19 situation has been more political than medical to most people. Stories had been heard by several opposition members of parliament complaining that the government’s restrictions were in the interest of subduing the opposition side. However since the 17.1% increase in the Covid-19 infections country-wide; the narrative has changed.

What used to be hearsay is now a pandemic that most of the people in Uganda can resonate with. Following the standard operating procedures in regard to Covid-19 required that members of parliament present negative test results in order to access the parliamentary premises. This has seen a huge number of parliamentarians test positive in a span of only two weeks.

Rumors have it that even the current speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah is undergoing serious treatment due to Covid-19. Some sources have it that he has left the country while others claim that he is in preparation to leave the country for proper treatment. Regardless of what is true; the clerk of the parliament of Uganda has declared a shut down of parliament until 11th July 2021.

During this time of shut down, the parliament will undergo disinfection to ensure that the spread of Covid-19 is curbed within the parliament premises.

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