Hectares of crop plantation were left bare when the elephant from the Kidepo national park invaded the crops planted and destroyed all the crops in bulee lule and karagaretiin, Kitgum. The residents have been facing challenges all over the years; whenever their crops have reached a level of getting ready for harvest; the elephant would destroy them. They tried to talk to the government to get involved and help them to control the movement of the elephants

1000hecters of crop plantations were left destroyed and almost 700 households were left with nothing to eat only waiting for the government to support them. Last year the parliament came with a suggestion to fence the areas where the animals pass to enter the gardens or dig trenches to hinder the elephants from crossing but the promises are still wishes yet to come to the realization

The elders had several meetings with UWA but without a kick start of whatever has been agreed upon. The leaders are appealing to the government to compensate the farmers who lost their crops.

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