It was on Friday when the fire outbreak from queen Elizabeth national park burnt many valuable items and left the hotel called park view hotel of Mr.Dickson katesumba down. The hotel had 20cottages but the fire burnt all the 15 cottages completely and left on Five cottages. The owner of the hotel says that the fire came from the national park according to the people who were around the hotel but UWA says that since the beginning of this year they haven’t burnt any Management fire and insisted that all alleged information about the fire being set by UWA are not true.

The management of UWA  sent the representative to see the source of the incident when they reached the site, they went to the meeting with the hotel owner where they couldn’t allow the media but after the meeting the spokesperson of UWA and said UWA has not yet burnt any fire, but the hotel manager says that UWA has been setting fire in a different national park to burn the grass every year without informing the people around the parks and this fire burns the lodges.

The fire from queen Elizabeth came and invaded the 20 cottages of park view hotel, the fire came in a lot of wind and15 of the cottages were completely burnt including one main restaurant of the hotel, the damages were very huge. the residents also said that this incident happened not for the first time, there was a time when they burnt glass around the park but the fire was uncontrollable ended up burning the military barracks of kafubo. Mp of Katerera advised UWA allows alerting the people and the hotel management whenever they are going to burn glasses to reduce the damages out of the fire.

The chairperson of NRM Katerera also blamed the UWA because of this damage which caused a lot of unemployment to the people who have been working in that hotel. All the employees were sent home during this period as the hotel owner trying to sort out issues with UWA. The owner of park view hotel insisted that they have to be compensated for all losses caused by the fire since they failed to control and manage the fire they started But UWA kept on denying to be the ones who set the fire

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