Promote Tourism

RADIO SIMBA – FFemwe, Mwe Ffe! This is the best Luganda Station in the world. For over 10 years now, this radio station is working hard to promote domestic tourism in the country. It should be noted that the travel culture in Ugandans is very poor! You find someone born and raised in Kampala, and he or she has never had a tour around the country and the neighbors. In this case, Radio Simba organizes different tours for its fans within Uganda and East Africa in general through different programs.

“Engule” one of the favorite programs originally aimed at promoting Buganda culture, norms, and customs as well as educating the public about the history of our country and cultures. However, through the same program, Simba Radio organizes tours for its fans to different parts of Uganda every year! As if that is not enough, every year Radio Simba fans visit one east African country. They started with “Koodi koodi Nairobi”, then “Koodi koodi Kigali” (Rwanda), Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania, and Bujumbura in Burundi. This has enlighten Ugandans about their region! Radio Simba organizes such tours at very affordable rates! Engule ya Radio Simba runs for about 2 months, people register and asked questions about their culture, politics, economics, religious and current affairs among others.

This year 2014, Radio Simba has a new program called “Neyimbira byange”. This time Radio Simba has organized a trip for its fans to Ssese island. watch the space!

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