Here is a brief overview of the composition placement penjelaan activity zone, which includes the storage facility are represented by the cabinet and fridge, washing facilities is certainly represented by the sink and the last one is working facilities accommodated by a stove, microwave or oven, and top table.

Once the design ideal has been obtained by both criteria, in the next stage we will be informed of material specification kitchen set should we choose to excess and lack in any material. This material selection will always make me confused and indecisive in deciding the choice. Honestly, we do not know much about all the “terms”, because it was the first time to know the terms used. Thus, before we choose and determine the material used, it helps you find out in advance of the meaning of those terms.

Therefore, this time we discussed the terms used in the materials kitchen set, and hopefully this information will be useful for those who are making a kitchen set.

Here’s the power that we have collected, as follows:


There are many types of wood board material that can be used as raw material manufacturing kitchen sets, ranging from multiplex/plywood, MDF, particleboard, and blockboard. Below is an explanation of each type of wood boards:

Solid Wood – Wood Whole
As the name implies, uses solid wood timber intact, making it stronger and more robust than the “wood”. Comparable to quality, solid wood furniture with the very expensive.

Many types of wood used for furniture are usually teak. Teak wood was chosen because it has a beautiful wood grain so it’s great for exposed or highlighted and more resistant to weathering or termites. But the price is very expensive, so it is often used for classy furniture or furniture exports. Sungkai wood is often used as a substitute for teak wood for cheaper. The color is likely to be more candid than teak. Besides sungkai wood, wood nyatoh now also popular use as a substitute for teak.

For the price of solid wood, is calculated by:

cubication / volume (m3) = (length [p] x width [l] x thickness [t])

Most people assume that a durable solid wood and solid material is so easily given additional details for the decoration. Yet throughout its use, solid wood will undergo expansion losses that may impact the size. If no appropriate preventive measures, some kinds of solid wood more prone to termites, so it can remove sawdust that causes porous wood.

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