The family room is the center of a home because it is a family gathering in the living room to mingle either before or after doing daily activities. There are basic things you need to know if you want to arrange the living room. What is it?. Below are tips that will guide you in arranging the Family Room:

Defining Themes and Style

Defining “theme and atmosphere” is the first step in planning for your family room. This one is more personal. Can be tailored to the theme and style of your home or emphasize specific themes or theme to give the impression of depth. Approach to themes and styles can be through consideration of function space, the needs of family members, and the building as a whole. Here is the layout style/style family room:


The family room usually dominated ground elements color, ranging from brown soil to light brown (beige) and the strong use of wood elements to give the impression of a warm and friendly.

For classic furniture usually have their own form of the main characteristics and the use of wood or decorative ornaments. The decorative motifs mostly adopted motifs of flora, fauna, geometry, crowns, and weapons of war.

The dominant colors used in classic furniture are in accordance with the natural brown color of the wood or use a solid paint (Duco) white and yellow gold, white silver, black or dark brown. (Source: Serial Houses, Chairs Classic)

Modern Classic

For classic modern style usually choose neutral colors for a more “safe” like shades brown, black, white, or beige. For furniture, because modern been so dominant style, choose a simple design and not a lot of ornaments. So where will put a touch of classic?

Luxury can be presented from the classic chandelier, classic design bedside lamps, mirrors, paintings, and other trinkets. One thing to remember remained faithful to the original colors. So whatever style of furniture or accessories, color choices should remain in a single thread. Unless you are interested in making an accent. It also needs to consider where to place it.

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