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Hon Bettie Namisango Kamya the minister of Kampala has declared that Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) is in agreement with private companies on bringing in more buses to reduce the problem of transportation in the city.

In the same way, the director of Kampala City Council Authority Jennifer Musisi said that, they are confused no how to demolish the buildings which were constructed in road reserves in the city.

“We are wondering how we going to do it (demolishing the buildings), whether we will be supported by the public, and where are the people who have businesses in these buildings will go when the buildings are demolished,” Musisi asked?

Both of them were at the conference at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala talking about the issues concerning Kampala.

Kampala minister also added that, KCCA is in process of bringing more buses in the city and the authority is talking to the investors who are able to bring these buses. But she didn’t mention on tourism in the city.

The spokesperson of KCCA, Peter Kauju told Kampala Sun News that, although KCCA is still looking for a private company to cooperate with to bring buses in Kampala, but if everything goes well the buses will first have to work together with the taxis and it’s believed that the taxis will be slowly removed from the city.

KCCA is also planning to put their roads for only buses and even construct bus stops in and parks in the city.

When the KCCA introduced the operation of Pioneer Buses in Kampala, complaints arose from some of the areas around the city about the cooperation of the leaders and the buses which in the end led to the refusal of all busses in Kampala and this affected the people who were using them.

Specialists say that, it needs KCCA to improve on its relationship with the leaders of areas around Kampala like Mukono and Wakiso for this bus system to work well without disagreement among them.

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