Mary Luswata is celebrated in Uganda for her unobstructed abusing skills but it seems she has got a challenger and that is none other than Dancehall artiste Ziza Bafana.

In along articulation that he issued earlier this week, Ziza Bafana issued a completely fledged battalion of words against the motor-mouthed presenter in the midst of enchantment from his fans.
Evidently, Luswata was making gossip go around the town on how Ziza Bafana had tried to vibe her however this never ran well with the “Gulamansomye” hitmaker.

“I swear upon God; I can never f**k a zombie-like you on the grounds that I can’t take the disgrace,” Bafana stated.

Moreover, he called Luswata an ugly frog that even Sebabi may not risk dating.

“Luswata; you’re one ugly frog that no man can stand making pregnant,” he also said.

Upon slaying, the gossip girl, different singers, and other famous people who have fallen victims of Luswata’s wrath cheered on Bafana for being open and courageous.

She has made a name in the industry for attacking and criticizing famous people at times with too much fury.

Ziza Bafana’s full statement
Luswata, I’m gonna prove you wrong and actually mentor you as your father… The fact is that I can never vibe you Luswata in light of the fact that you’re rubbish and you talk nonsense.

Everything you do is a clasp on celebrities and talks ill about them. Who told you mbu “you’re swaged-up?—ehhhw??”. Actuality you’re just a cursed bitch who attacks successful people in order to be recognized but remember every one of these people you burst daily have drudged to be where they are and you turn out to this won’t work.

To me, you don’t even work on the grounds that the TV station where you’re employed doesn’t play our music (local music). You only play Nigerian music and after that, you request that local Ugandans follow you on Twitter and Instagram. Why not discuss Nigerians and Jamaicans since they are the ones you know?!…

How you dare talk rubbish that “I hit on you”??? – I swear upon the living God; I can never sleep with a zombie-like you or commit a mistake of allowing you to floss in my “FORD WORTH 250 MILLION” because I can’t take the shame.

As of late, you dissed Eddy Kenzo and I wanna ask you between local Kenzo and urban-learned Navio; who’s doing BIG??? Ehhhhw??

Luswata, you claim to be learned however then you earn cartoon money > less than 500,000/= for each month and just that is enough to show you that we’re from different universes

You use English to blot people’s names instead of building the country. Luswata; you’re one ugly frog that no man can bear making pregnant… actually lemme ask you “Are You Kwanebo?”

Luswata does me one favor and takes me off your yappy-yappy shit. I hear you were Yung Mulo’s bitch – you compare and find your category …

You bring shame to UrbanTV and your parents.

Actually note this… I’m dark and you’re black like charcoal – simply that can’t allow us to do a collabo on the grounds that I don’t wanna have children that are short like yams and ugly like you.
Luswata; you know no nothing about me and you’ve never added to my prosperity and so forget my name and get a life.. bitch

Before you attack people, first recognize the good contributions they’ve done.

I’m 26 and very successful. You telling me mbu English…. “English my –A$$”… “Luganda is the NATIONAL

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