Covidex; a herbal drug that has been labeled by many as a cure for Covid-19 continues to remain under scrutiny by the National Drug Authority (NDA).

In a meeting organized by Twaweza Africa that brought a number of medical stakeholders together including but not limited to the National drug authority, Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Association of Uganda among others to discuss self-medication, herbal prescriptions, and medical remedies. On the agenda also included Covidex, a herbal drug that many have used to cure Covid-19.

According to the spokesperson of the ministry of health, the drug is selling like a hot cake on the black market. Other members of the panel also agreed the drug had registered a number of positive successes over covid-19. However, the only main concern is they have not identified the side effects of the drug.

One of the panelists also testified about using the drug on one of her Covid-19 patients because it seemed like the only option and her patient was able to recover. The NDA is now faced with a dilemma because any restrictions and warnings about the drug are likely to be received as a hindrance to local innovation.


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