As the world is working hard with the scientist in developing the vaccines and cure for the covid-19, Uganda scientists are also not sitting. It was last month when the National Drug Authority approved the covidex that was a project of professor ogwang. Uganda is very happy with what the scientist like professor ogwang did to help on the covid-19 supportive treatment.

After discovering that Uganda scientists are knowledgeable about the natural herb they have, the government decided to word professor ogwang 5hectors of land to start developing more vaccines and promote another scientist. this good news comes after one month when he was cleared and give a license of manufacturing covidex by the National Drug Authority

The handover of the incentives given to professor ogwang was taking place in Kampala at the headquarters of the Uganda investment authority. the main aim was to support ogwang to develop more products. He said the reason to put the factory in eastern Uganda sorority was to reduce the transport cost of the products he uses in manufacturing covidex, most of the natural resources  are in Soroti

professor ogwang said current the supportive treatment is be manufactured from Entebbe, but he had a factory in Soroti industrial park and promised the government to expand his factory so that can try if he can get the cure for the covid-19

Besides the land offered to him, he was also given a tax hold of 10years
proffers ogwang requested the government to give him enough security because he was not safe with his life after must started claiming about the project of covidex but later the president had about the arbitration between the Mbarara university and professor ogwang and he advised the university to stop the legal system they had started on and concentrate on developing other means of preventing the pandemic. he was advised to avoid media because most of the people in media whatever they ask him to answer may put him in trouble.

Not only Museveni, but madam acheng also warned the public and the university that had started the legal time to try to sue prof ogwang over covidex, she also promised to give more support to professor Patrick ogwang after looking into his plan. Talking to ogwang he said that most of the issues and documents for the covidex were resolved between the university and him so he added saying that those people that went to the court are doing it on their own.

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