Religion is one of the identity factors in Uganda. Once people set a side their tribal inclinations, they tend to group themselves in terms of religion. Even amidst of disagreements, there tends to be some form of unity when it comes to religion.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine is one of those individuals who align both to Christian and Muslim views. During his campaigns, he used to retell his childhood as a Muslim that went by the names of “Swaibu”. However he currently subscribes to the catholic church. But his public subscription to these two religious sects that not mean that is all about his religion.

In his new song “Ogenda”, he recounts his views about God.

  1. He believes all religions lead to God, it is simply a matter of disagreement on who is right
  2. He believes God is the creator of all
  3. He believes God is above the devil but he does not use his authority to destroy the devil
  4. He believes God gives everyone the right to choice

What do we think of his view of God? We have not yet come to the conclusion.

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