The government of the United States of America has placed sanctions on the head of Chief Military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Kandiho over violation of human rights.

The spokesperson of the UPDF Flavia Byekwaso came out with a great disappointment against the United states of America who they consider to be their great ally for not engaging them in any way before reaching such a conclusion. In her view, the United states of America flouted the principle of fair hearing when it issued sanctions out of the blue.

With that said, she said they are enganging the the United states of America  government/Authorities for clarification regarding the issued sanctions.

The issuing of the sanctions against a general in the national army of Uganda without any engagement seems to be a act of redicule and disrespect of the sovernity of a country like Uganda. In simple terms, the sanctions indirectly state that the UPDF is reluctant regarding the displine of its top officials which the United States of America cannot continue to passively observe thus issuing of the sanctions.

Bobi Wine came out to applaud the United states of America for the sanctions against an individual like Abel Kandiho who he names among the top abusers of Human rights in Uganda participating in pitiful and detestable activities such as torture, abduction, murders among several other unconsitutional activities. Based on his tweet, he is looking ahead to the day that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will account for the atrocities.

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