Uganda Rugby cranes has won the Bowl Rugby sevens world cup after edging Germany with a 19-12 win in the the finals. The Uganda team has come 17th out of the 24 teams that participated in the 2022 Rugby world cup sevens in Cape Town South Africa

Uganda 7s opened with a disastrous loss to Samoa on Friday during the pre round of 16 matches where Uganda was thrashed 33 by Samoa 7s and was only able to respond with a 7. The half time that had ended 14-7 in favor of Samoa looked promising for the Ugandan side until all the hope was clashed by Samoa in the second half by scoring 19-0.

With the loss to Samoa, Uganda could not progress to the round of 16 for the World cup Rugby 7s championship 2022. However their loss placed them into the Bowl quarter finals where they had to face Korea 7s.

The game was scheduled for 10th September 2022  and by halftime, the Uganda 7s looked a better side after edging Korea 7s by 5-0. The Uganda 7s were then able to seal off their win against Korea 7s after scoring more 7 without any response from the Korea 7s. The game ended 12:00 in favor of the Uganda 7s.

After Uganda 7s’ win against Korea 7s, they earned their semi final slot on the same day to face Hong Kong 7s. Unlike the Korea 7s game, the Hong Kong 7s game was a beat tight for Uganda 7s ending 5-7 in favor of the Uganda 7s by half time. In the same half, the game changed totally in favor of Uganda after the Uganda 7s scored 7 more without any response from Hong Kong making it end 14-5 in favor of the Uganda 7s.

The win against Hong Kong 7s earned Uganda a slot in the finals where they had to face Germany. By the end of the first half, Uganda and Germany were square at 7-7. It was in the second half that Uganda out performed Germany by scoring 12 more with Germany only responding with 5. The game ended 19-12 in favor of Uganda making them the world cup 7s Bowls 2022 champions.

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