Alpha Conde the former president of Guinea Conakry was yesterday arrested by the leader of the special forces in Guinea after a successful coup d’etat. Multitudes flooded the streets in celebration of the successful coup d’etat by the military

Unlike Afghanistan where the citizens were scared and unsure of what would happen next after the overthrow of the government. In Guinea, the general public simply welcomed and celebrated the takeover by the army. The former president Alpha Conde had acquired his third term after editing the constitution to allow him to run for the third term in office.

Over 90 people died in riots that were sparked by Alpha Conde running for the third term in office. However much the riots were not successful to topple his government, yesterday the army sided with the desire of the people to overthrow the presidency of Alpha Conde.

The United States of America has condemned the Guinea military saying their coup d’etat will simply render the poverty-stricken country unstable both politically and economically. According to France 24; Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya who is the leader of the coup said the president Alpha Conde is safe and nothing has been done to him. He is also under the supervision of a doctor to insure he is fine.

After dissolving the government, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya said they will be writing a new constitution for Guinea Conakry.

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