fille and mc kats reconcile

Fille and MC Kats reconcile!!

To those who follow Uganda showbiz, the couple of musician Fille and mic controller Kats makes a lot of buzz. These two megastars have both business and love relationship and have managed to make it work for some good years. The business relationship is going on very well as they have managed to produce mega hits like Sabula, I love you, Katijjo and so forth which have led to numerous successful concerts staged out of them. However, the love relationship has been a rollercoaster since it has been on and off though out of it they have a daughter. At one time, MC Kats was beaten to pulp by Fille Mutoni over issues of infidelity as the skinny MC was caught red handedly vibing another woman in one of the Kampala night bars.

In the middle of this year, they had a misunderstanding and gossip loomed that they had broken though it was not convivial and the reason for their break up was not revealed.

Singer Fille Mutoni and Mc Kats have had a rough relationship ever since they started dating. Two Months ago, they bitterly split and this time, most their friends thought it was the end of their love drama. On Friday evening, they were spotted together at Fik Fameica’s concert at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. The couple held hands at the back stage as they chatted. MC Kats made sure Fille steps on stage before the night’s main act Fik Fameica and she wowed the crowd with her sweet love ballads. As we all know MC Kats the pivot of Fille’s career. And she knows why she needs him