After intense clashes in South Sudan where about 300 people lost their lives, the situation has started getting back to normal and some passenger buses were seen taking people and goods from Kampala to Juba, the capital of South Sudan. According to the traders at Arua Park in Kampala, Gateway and Simba buses set off to Juba and arrived safely. This is a sign that the situation is getting to normal.

During the fight, about 300 people died and most of them were civilians. Many others survived narrowly with injuries, over fled into neighboring countries including Uganda.
Arua Park busy streets, Kampala

Arua Park busy streets, Kampala

South Sudan is a major economic hub for Uganda in that, most of the products they use all come from Uganda. Additionally, there are many Ugandans employed in South Sudan, and these political instabilities severely affected business in Uganda and South Sudan.

Arua Park in Kampala is the base for most goods going to South Sudan and other parts of Northern Uganda. The place is very busy with many shops selling different products used in daily life, financial institutions like Banks, microfinance, and Forex Bureaux, then food stores, restaurants, and building materials among others, all targeting market in South Sudan. The fact that the gunfights stopped, Ugandans have started traveling back to Juba to resume with their work.

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