In light of the Capital Chicken news, many other people have invested in contractual farming projects in Uganda. Among these projects is Youth Platform Africa. Though it has not had so much mainstream media as capital chicken, it has also been advertising on the radio for some time now.

Great Wealth Youth Platform Africa also known as YPA Goats by many people; is a contract farming platform where you give the company money to farm on your behalf. Similar to capital chicken, there are no losses in this business, once you invest with them, you are assured of a return on investment within the agreed period.

The Great Wealth Youth Platform Africa is mainly known for goat rearing but this is not all they do. Rather they also offer agro-forestry investment, land leasing, watermelon growing, and pineapple growing among several other crops.

It is important to note that you do not need a license to participate in agriculture in Uganda. However, if someone is going to invest money on your behalf, they need a license from the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda. Therefore before you make up your mind to invest with any company that promises huge returns, always first check whether they have a license from the Capital Markets Authority.

Is YPA Goats A scam or they are Legit?

YPA Goats has not yet scammed anyone at the moment but that does not take away the fact that they are not legit. Any business that is operated outside the boundaries of the law will often end up being a scam once the requirement to meet certain legal standards is placed upon them.

YPA goats are not licensed by the Capital Market Authority. (CMA) Without a license for CMA, all operations are considered illegal. Like many people, once the government calls them to account, they will simply find the best way to disappear.

Below is the police statement regarding YPA Goat (Great Wealth Youth Platform Africa)

CID continues to investigate circumstances under which several victims were defrauded to a tune of Ugx 5 billion, by Capital Chicken Limited. The victims were offered profits as returns, through an online investment contract, at an attractive interest rate of 40 – 60%. The company is being investigated for operating a business of fund management without a licence, operating without an investment advisors licence and for obtaining money by False Pretence. Its against the above background that we would like to caution the public about other Ponzi Companies in the market, some of which are under investigation by CID in coordination with the Capital Markets Authority. These include; Veta plan, Mall Fund, Great Wealth Youth Platform Africa, Cashmulla, Pio Crypto, Premium Clusters, Contract Kapital and Pacs Capital Limited among others. For instance, under Cashmulla, a user deposits Uganda shillings 17,000, and is encouraged to invite other users and earn a commission from users under them, which is a classic pyramid scheme tactic. The user cannot recover or withdraw their money



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