China has posed a challenge as one of the fastest and largest economies in the whole world yet none democratic. Regardless of the Chinese being non-democratic, they are scoring highly in terms of finance. According to the Economist Intelligence unit, there is such a thing as the China challenge.

It should be noted, that though China has been ranked among the world’s worst democracies, its economy does not in any way match the other countries that feature among the world’s worst democracies. In regard to the African continent, here are the worst democracies according to EIU 2021.

Top 10 worst Democratic Countries in Africa

  1. The Democratic Republic of Congo; Ranked 164th in the whole world.
  2. The central African Republic; Ranked 162nd in the whole world
  3. Chad; Ranked 160th making it one of the worst democracies in the whole world
  4. Equatorial Guinea; Ranked 158th in the whole world
  5. Libya; Ranked 154th in the whole world
  6. Eritrea; Ranked 153rd in the whole world
  7. Burundi ranked 149th in the whole world
  8. Guinea ranked 147th in the whole world
  9. Sudan Ranked 145th in the whole world
  10. Cameroon was ranked 143 in the whole world.

The above countries were ranked based on the quality of the electoral process and pluralism in the given country, civil liberties, political participation, functioning of government, and political culture. Based on the Criteria; 167 countries were ranked and Afghanistan came at the bottom occupying the 167th slot followed by Myanmar, North Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic respectively.

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