A number of wives have taken it to the streets of Kampala to air their grievances against their husbands. Among the complaints raised during the demonstration included little upkeep from their husbands, a lack of holiday trips to Dubai yet they are offered to the “side chics”, and failure of men to return home for meals, among several other grievances.

The demonstration has come a few months after the police spokesperson Fred Enanga informed the public that sexual marriage disputes should not be reported to police unless there is a likelihood of violence. With such a stand, it remains clear that those in marriage contracts are not given legal protection for the sake of the preservation of the marriage institution.

It seems clear that even though the government is issuing marriage contracts, it is not doing much to ensure that these contracts serve the rightful purpose.

The demonstration was interrupted by police after the women were arrested on grounds that the Uganda police are yet to communicate. 

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