Raila Odinga ran to court shortly after the declaration of William Ruto as the winner of the recently concluded Kenya presidential elections. He raised a number of claims that the Kenyan supreme court refuted as follows

1. The supreme court is not persuaded that the IEBC technology did not meet the standards for ensuring the accurate and verifiable outcome of the August 9 poll

2. The supreme court found that there is no credible evidence that there was any tampering with the uploading of forms 34A to the public portal

3. The supreme court finds there was no significant difference between the forms 34A posted to the public portal, those presented to the National tallying center, and those provided by agents in various polling stations across the country; affidavits were sensational.

4. The supreme court finds that there is no evidence that the postponement of the election in Mombasa, Kakamega, Rongai, and five other areas across the country caused voter suppression.

5. The supreme court finds that there is no evidence of unexplained discrepancies between votes cast in various elective positions across the country and those cast in favor of the president. Fraud must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

6. The supreme court finds that IEBC carried out the verification, tallying, and declaration of results in accordance with the provided constitutional law. The 4 commissioners were present and active in the tallying and the election cannot be nullified without evidence.

7. The supreme court finds that William Ruto received the pre-requisite 50% plus one vote to be declared president-elect

8. The supreme court finds that the alleged illegalities and irregularities were not of a magnitude that would affect the election’s proclaimed result

9. The supreme court finds that it cannot issue orders outside invalidation or upholding of the presidential election result.

According to the supreme court findings, William Ruto has been declared the duly elected president of Kenya set to swear in on the 13th of September 2022



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