Travel has always been seen as one of the most exciting ways of relaxing from work or the usual boring life and most tourists prefer going on solo trips but I would say traveling as a group is the best decision you will ever make. Besides it being cost-effective, it’s always an amazing experience when you travel with friends or family members.

Therefore, the following are the reasons you will not regret traveling as a group during your dream safari in Uganda or Africa;

  • It is less costly (or cost-effective)

The number one reason for undertaking a trip as a group is the fact that it is cost-effective in that the costs of accommodation (because Safari Lodges/Hotels offer discounts for large groups) and transport costs are shared. Not only that, some Tour operators and Safari Lodges or Hotels offer discounts for large groups thus you will end up saving more money during the trip. Therefore, tourists are advised to plan the safari in advance and involve more people (family members and friends) who may be interested in the tour so as to cut costs.

  • There is guaranteed safety if anything goes wrong

Isn’t it obvious that traveling as a group is safer than going solo? With the former, someone will have your back than when you are alone, hence no guarantee for safety and security. In case of a breakdown or when you get lost, you can depend on your group members so as to come with the collective decision for issues at hand, which may not be possible if you are traveling solo.

  • Easy and faster planning of the trip

As the saying “two heads are better than one”, planning for a safari is easier with more people involved than when you are alone. Therefore there is quick decision-making when planning a group tour because after an idea is brought, you brainstorm or share opinions as a group so as to discuss the issues at hand. You will share ideas and have discussions on the destinations to explore, the number of days to spend during the trip, accommodation facilities to spend overnights and the transport means to use. Group discussions allow you to make the best decision out of the numerous suggestions coming from each member of the group.

  • Group travels provide room for sharing your experiences during the safari

You will have someone to share your exciting experiences with if traveling as a group than when traveling alone.

  • Offers tourists with opportunities of socializing and there is companionship

Isn’t it fun traveling as a group than when you are traveling alone? You will get the opportunity of learning from each other and bonding with your family members or friends but also get to meet new friends during the trip, especially those with whom you share the same passion, interests, and experiences. Interesting stories and wonderful memories of the day’s activities can be shared during campfires or during dinner.

  • Exposes tourists to special considerations

Traveling in a group especially with family members and friends makes you eligible for special considerations especially special tours and priority services. Some accommodation facilities that are difficult to book sometimes put aside several rooms for big groups while in some countries, agents of airport customs make it a priority for group safaris so that they take a shorter time in queues.

  • Offers reassurance to the people back home

People back home will be comfortable when they are sure you are traveling with someone (guaranteed safety) than when you are traveling alone.

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