Uganda is among the most wonderful safari destinations in the world. One could compare it to the biblical “Garden of Eden” with its rich evergreen vegetation, amazing scenes, and an astonishing variety of plant and animal species. For those looking for an adventure in Uganda, we have organized Uganda tour packages with the best wildlife safaris and gorilla trekking tours for you! We look forward to hosting you in Uganda, Africa!

Uganda is found in the Eastern part of Africa and it lies right along the equator which represents its sunny climate throughout the entire year.

It additionally lies between the two arms of the Great East African Rift Valley with the Lakes Albert and Edward extending for 150km and 80km respectively along the Albertine Rift Valley. It is inside this Albertine Rift Valley that the magnificent Biodiversity for which Uganda is well known could be discovered.

Uganda is just 242,000km2 in size. However, the variety in climatic zones, vegetation, and animal species inside this small nation is the thing that makes it really unique.

Then, to the West of the nation, the legendary Rwenzori Mountains could be found. In A.D. 150 the geographer Claudius Ptolemy named the Rwenzoris “The Mountains of the Moon” and up to date, this name is used to allude to them. The snow-topped mountain peak is the third highest in Africa and can turn out to be an astounding challenge to even the most seasoned mountain climber.

Uganda will always surprise you: it’s an ecological crossover between the tropical forests and mountains of Central Africa and the sunny savannahs of East Africa and remains a magnificent safari destination to get the best of both worlds.

Like a pearl, Uganda remains largely undiscovered and off the main tourist circuits. Also as a pearl, the individuals who search it out will be enriched by one of Africa’s most essential treasures.
Uganda is presumably famous for its Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, hosting half of the total remaining population of mountain gorillas. For the tourists who have come face to face with these gorillas, they have said that the experience is really memorable and spectacular.

Mountain Gorillas, nonetheless, are not the main primates that could be discovered in Uganda. 70% of the World’s primate species can be found in the country. Chimpanzee trekking safari in Kibale Forest National Park is another famous tourist activity done by the tourists who visit Uganda.

For the safari people, there are various national parks to choose from. Uganda boasts of 10 National Parks, 13 Wildlife reserves, and 14 wildlife sanctuaries.

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