Have you ever driven a car on a rainy; and your car gets dirty because of the water splashes? You wouldn’t mind your car being dirty as long as everyone else around you has suffered a similar fate of the water splash on a rainy day. It only gets weird when you move into another town only to realize that it’s only your car which is dirty; In such a situation, you are left thinking; is there no place where I can do some minor clean-ups so that my car doesn’t look so odd?

The answer is a simple yes; there are places where you can wash your car in almost every major town during your self-drive safari in Uganda. But the unfortunate issue is; you cannot be sure of the security of whatever you have inside your car. Regardless of the fact that you can follow up with the police in case something is stolen from your car; it would disrupt your self-drive adventure in Uganda.

Therefore unless your self drive car rental agency recommends you to a certain washing bay; it is recommended that you wash your car at your hotel or lodge. Some lodges and hotels always have someone who can help you out with cleaning your car in the evening or very early in the morning before you set off for your trip.

The other option would be asking the washing bay staff to simply clean the car exterior. That way, the car will be kept locked and you can be sure that you will keep everything inside your car safe. You can then buy some face towels from the supermarket or grocery store and do the interior dusting by yourself.

Dusting the car can be one of the things you do every after a few days during your trip. Sometimes you might have to wet your towel to do proper cleaning inside your car. Without dusting your car, you are likely to have a very dusty car during your trip which can also raise hygiene-related issues during your trip


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