What Tourists should make of Uganda Floods

Uganda is trending in international news though not for a good cause again. Media houses all over the world have been covering the tragedies of Landslides, flooded rivers, and villages. Some roads have been locked down, houses were broken down, and several other tragedies.
Anyone who has booked a holiday in Uganda whether with a tour operator or for self drive safaris might be wondering what this means to their trip. Just to get a few facts right; below is what is really happening.


Bundibugyo is a town located next to Fort Portal in the southwestern part of Uganda. The main road that connects Fort portal to Bundibugyo was blocked by the floods. The road from Nyahukato Bundibugyo has been completely destroyed by the floods.
So far there have been 22 bodies recovered since the tragedy took place. More than 700 people who survived the Landslides in Bundibugyo are still homeless. (Though there tribal concerns regarding sharing camps)
The floods have had adverse effects on a total of 12 sub-counties in Bundibugyo. The Red Cross Society is working hand in hand with the office of the prime minister to offer help to the devastated families.

Mountain Elgon Region

Bududa, Sironko, manafwa, Namisidwa, and Mbale are located in Eastern Uganda. There have been 4 dead bodies recovered in the mountain Elgon area; though there is still a need for more excavators to remove more of the covered bodies.
There have been over 4000 people affected by the floods and landslides. Plantations, livestock, and houses have been destroyed by the landslides.
The floods and Landslides are expected to have affected over 85,000 households with over 25,000 people displaced because of the floods.

What to Expect in Tours

• With the above facts, you might not be in a position to have some of the off-the-road tours in mountain Elgon.
• Sipi Falls is still accessible though it is in the Eastern region.
• Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest national park is still possible.
• Gorilla trekking is still possible
• We recommend Land cruisers for self drive because of the heavy rains.
• In case you booked a Rav4 for self-drive, it might not be possible in Kidepo.
• In case you have off the common path itineraries, get recommendations from tour operators to avoid inconveniences
• Murchison Falls is still accessible, regardless of the flooding of the river Nile. In fact, just the scenery for Murchison falls better because of the increase in water volumes.

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