Uganda has the greatest safari locations and offers the best tourism products with the ultimate feeling of biodiversity.  A safari in Uganda provides a memorable holiday and if well planned is more adventurous including a list of things to do and see while at the selected tourist destination. Tourists that visit Uganda engage in different kinds of safari for instance the tailor-made safaris, group tours, and also the new experience commonly known as self-drive safari. The self-drive safari only requires a traveler to book a 4×4 rental car from a reputable Uganda car rental company and also do accommodation booking to the different lodges on his own. The good news is that all these aforementioned Uganda tours make a tourist encounter amazing places and also engage in exhilarating activities.  Below is what to include on a bucket list of an Uganda safari:

Water rafting

This is an outdoor recreation activity done on different degrees of rough and white water. It provides a white water adventure with enchanting moments while experiencing different grades more so grade five. It involves paddling rafts and teamwork is required. This is an extreme sport participated by international countries as a sport and can be fatal but on a rare basis. This activity is done mostly on the white waters of the River Nile in Jinja and it provides a memorable lifetime experience of the water breeze.

Gorilla trekking

This is an activity that exposes tourists to the life of the jungle interacting with man’s second-best cousin after the Chimpanzee.  The one-hour interaction with the gorillas getting to know their feeding , shelter, life in the jungle, how they look after their youngsters, and how they respond to the surrounding environment. It’s a 2-6 hour nature walk in the forest exploring the home of the famous mountain gorilla and meeting up with other primate species. Following instructions is recommended such as sick people are prohibited from trekking to avoid affecting the Gorillas

Gorilla trekking is carried out in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park in the tropical rain forests and savannah.

Cultural experience

While at the Uganda safari, tourists meet up with different groups of people with different cultures like lifestyle, dressing codes, language, cultural practices of traditional folk songs, dances, and ceremonies. Uganda’s culture is a true combination of sights, color, and rhythm sounds. According to each tribe and community, different cuisines are prepared and each has its staple food for example Baganda prepares the famous Matooke, the people from the east “Bagisu” prepare Amalewa, Malakwang from the Acholi people, Eshabwe from the Ankole, and Atapa for the Teso.  Meet with the Batwa through the Batwa trail, experience the best of Buganda culture after visiting the kasubi tombs, the Uganda museum, and experience the best cultural performance from the Ndere cultural troupe in Kampala.

Chimpanzee tracking

Uganda is a primate hub containing over 13 different primate species including the Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are found in different parts of Uganda such as Queen Elizabeth national park in the Kyambura gorge, Kibale the famous home of chimps, tooro Semliki game reserve, kalinzu forest, Budongo forest offers the best gorilla tracking destination. The tourist can take on Chimp habituation which lasts longer since it involves following the chimps and habituating them for tracking. Chimpanzees are also found in the Ngamba Island and UWEC for the rescued orphans.

Game drives

This is a convenient way to watch wildlife species from a  distance in the car of your choice . The best cars for a game drive are 4×4 wheel open roof which provides space to view using binoculars and take good photos to watch the wilderness breeze with its wildlife. While at the game drive wildlife species are sighted such as hyenas, warthogs, cape buffaloes, African elephants, Ugandan kob and tree climbing lions, zebras, giraffes, leopards, cheetah, and birds among others. They can be sighted during morning and evening game drives for nocturnal creatures and can be traced with the help of the park guides who are well conversant with the park. The game drive is best done in savannah parks such as Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo, and Queen Elizabeth national park

Bird watching

Uganda has over 1050 bird species worth see than being narrated to and a safari in Uganda without a birding destination is said to be incomplete. Birds are mostly found in Uganda’s rainforest, swamps, and savannah also along lakesides.  Birds fly over from one destination to another making tweet sounds with a romantic rhythm attracting bird lovers. They inhabit along Lake Victoria shores as they fly to River Nile and other destinations like Bigodi swamp, Mabamba. A famous bird known as the shoebill is sighted as it dabbles through the Mabamba swamp, a glimpse of the great blue turaco in the Kidepo valley national, the savannah endemics in Murchison, and the Semliki national park the best birding destination.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

You shouldn’t forget to include canoeing on the bucket list of your safari. Lake Bunyonyi derives its name from the “small birds” and its located in southwestern Uganda in the Kabale district. A wooden deep canoe is paddled along Lake Bunyonyi exposing one to its famous 29 islands and the floating island. While at the canoe, you get to listen to stories from the guide because every island has its hidden history. The punishment island is where in ancient times young unmarried girls who got pregnant were dumped and left today for making a sinful abomination in the community. A great Experience of Bakiga and a two-hour lake bunyonyi adventure is a memory worth to be narrated.

Volcano hiking

Uganda gifted with nature is a land of unique landscape such as the volcanic mountain, valleys, hills, and sweeping plains in the low lands. Hiking the volcanoes requires energy and perfect fitness to reach the top but it’s a lifetime adventure. The best-hiking destinations include mountain Elgon in the east with the largest caldera, in the west lies the Virunga Mountains shared with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Mountain Muhavura, Sabinyo, and Mgahinga which are climbing volcanoes, while hiking one passes through the forests, encountering wildlife and plant species.

Launch cruising

Uganda has numerous boat cruise destination which offers ultimate feeling from the sea breeze. The crystal clear water of Uganda inhabits a variety of animal and bird species which gives a clear view when sighted while at the boat. The best boat safari destination includes the Kazinga channel which connects Lake George with Edward and bisects Queen Elizabeth national park into two sections Kazinga channel has the highest concentration of hippopotamus.

The Murchison falls known as the devil’s cauldron found in Murchison falls national park .while at the boat safari, there will be high chances of sighting animal species like crocodiles , hippopotamus, monitor lizards which are mistaken for young crocodiles, reptiles, and other big mammals that come at the banks to quench their thirst. Lake Mburo also offers a launch cruise safari where one sights the park animals like the zebras, , impala and the famous errands antelope while experiencing the sea breeze. The launch safari enables taking clear photos of animals and group photos while at the center of the sea.

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