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The 19th of June 2021 marked the extension of the lockdown for another 42 days. All taxis and private vehicles were barred from moving. Only retail shops were allowed to continue operating. Unfortunately, there is relatively a large group of Kampala residents who live hand to mouth; without provision for work, it becomes very hard to find something to eat.

Since the start of the week, the Uganda police force has been arresting many city dwellers found on the streets of Kampala trying to operate their businesses. Among these are the disabled some of whose primary source of income is begging. With public transport frozen, and the promised government relief delaying; one of the lame men who is also a street vendor was heard saying “We are going to die of hunger in our homes”.

“They are sending us home without food, how shall we survive”; he continued to lament.

The police on Friday 25th June arrested over 200 people in Kampala and most of these were street vendors

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