UPDF Fights Militants in Rwenzori Region

katumbaOn Thursday night heavy gun fire rocked the Rwenzori Mountains as the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) Elite military units battled the militants leaving many dead.

It’s said that, the battle left 8 people dead however the death toll could raise.

Be that as it may, authorities said a combined force of Uganda Police Force and UPDF launched attacks in the District of Kabarole to dislodge the militant groups threatening the people living in the mountains.

Lydia Tumushabe the spokesperson of the Rwenzori sub region affirmed the operation which she said was intended to re-establish sanity in the volatile region.

“Some militant groups have attacking the towns and taking property thus causing instability,” she told our reporters.

She included that bases up to this point in the hands of militants have been keep running over by security forces.

This region of the Rwenzori mountainous remains a big problem to the Uganda People’s Defense Force.
Some months back the Military barracks was attacked by the radical Rwenzururu fighters and many of them were killed by the soldiers. A danger of a growing insurrection as of late startled the president of Uganda.

The battling shook hearts as inhabitants fled their home for safety.

Ham Natuhwera the councillor of Nyakatonzi Sub County told our reporter that, it was around afternoon and people started running from the mountain to the town as gun shots where being heard from where they were coming from.

He also added; Kirumira Mutima fighters used weapons like machetes, arrows, axes and locally made bombs to fight the armed UPDF soldiers.

The local people reported seeing military helicopters hovering in the region where the military forces were conducting the surprise operation.