As the country went into lockdown, musicians have been blocked from performing to the public for more than 1years. some musicians went on and formed the group so that they can be supported by the government. Some musicians are saying that they made a lot of losses during the lockdown.

some month back Jose Chameleon formed his association and called it United Superstars Association(USA)and went to meet the chief coordinator of operation wealth creation Gen. Saleh with some few members of the Association to present their idea.

the association went on and released the proposed budget for the members and sent it to Saleh asking him to give some money to some artist for the stimulus package. the budget has been linked to social media but non have answered anything about the budget

According to what we saw on social media Pallaso is the one leading the list with a lot of money 821million and the least on the association list is Merry Bata at 92million. But some people are ready complaining about the money that the money is too much and we are waiting to see how the chairperson will answer the question about the budget


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