Afghanistan has been a battleground for over a decade now. Upon the U.S coming to an agreement to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in early 2020 during the tenure of Donald Trump; July and August 2021 have been the rampage climax of the Afghanistan civil war. As of 16th August 2021, the Taliban have taken control of 391 territories only leaving 7 territories contested between the government and the Taliban.

As of today, the Taliban have 99% control of Afghanistan. Though this is good news for some religious enthusiasts; some Citizens of Afghanistan cannot stand the Taliban being in power claiming that it will reintroduce shariah law which most people are not comfortable with. Many are fleeing for their dear life while others who would wish to flee the country are still stranded in the war Zone country.

Yesterday, the United States of America took charge of the Kabul international airport to evacuate the remaining Americans in Afghanistan some of which were mere American stuff. Unfortunately; with commercial flights suspended, many Afghans were pleading to leave the country using any possible means available.

Today; the US Government has appealed to the Uganda Government to host about 2000 Afghan refugees. According to the minister of Disaster preparedness and Refugees; Uganda is prepared for the arrival of the Afghan refugees. A batch of 500 Afghans is expected to arrive at Entebbe international airport today. The details for the other arrivals will be communicated in due time.

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