The teachers’ payment structure has for a long time be an issue of debate in Uganda. Without comparison to other fields of life, many professional teachers have felt like they deserve higher pay.

There are a number of reasons people agitate for a salary raise but in the case of Uganda, the salary rise has been hinged on the issue of inflation. It is not as though teachers will do more work if they earn a salary rise, rather they call for a salary rise so that they can meet the ever skyrocketing standards of living. If the government had put into consideration the annual changes in the standards of living, maybe every year there would have been a revision of the payment structure to meet the changes.

However, this cannot be the case in a fiat currency economy. Every unfairness in the payment structure helps to cover up for the money that enters circulation without having been a fruit of labor. Therefore, even though the leaders can grieve about the unfair payment structures, they cannot act upon it to the degree that the public expects because doing so would mean most of the offices in government closing.  But that aside, here is a glimpse into the current salary structure of teachers on government tenure.

Please note; teachers in private schools sometimes earn double the amount in the big schools while others earn not even half of what the government pays. Therefore this salary scale is not an average teachers’ salary scale in Uganda rather the amount that the government pays teachers in its government-owned or government-aided schools.

University Lecturers (Teachers’) Salary Scale In Uganda

A university professor in a government-aided University earns Ugx 15,600,000 per month ($4400) while Senior lecturers earn Ugx 7,609,300 per month.($2145) Other lecturers in the government universities usually earn between Ugx 1,500,000 ($425) and 4,500,000 ($1270) but this is stipulated by University, not the government.

Secondary School Teachers’ Salary Scale In Uganda

In Uganda, a bachelor graduate science teacher earns around Ugx, 1,210,000 ($340) per month, and an Arts teacher earns around Ugx 940,000 ($270) per month. The rate varies on grounds of whether you are a diploma holder or a degree holder

Primary School Teachers’ Salary Scale In Uganda

Primary teachers earn around Ugx 500,000 ($141) per month but again this varies depending on the class you are teaching. Some teachers earn far less. If we were to speak in terms of USD, some primary teachers earn less than $80 per month.

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9 thoughts on “Uganda Teachers’ Current Salary Scale”
  1. The problem is not only in primary schools. talk of private proprietors in the education sector taking examples; such as private primary schools, private secondary and private universities. I will give a scenario of universities that pay assistant lecturers at the level of Master’s degree a monthly pay of 570000 or US$162; secondary schools that pay a degree holder sh.250000 or US$71; primary schools sh.150000 or US$42.
    I would encourage parents not to educate their children as teachers in this country for at least 10 years so that the country may first organize itself for educators. education institutions from primary to university lack monitoring and evaluation of quality otherwise teachers need good pay of salary.

  2. Am really very glad that am a Ugandan and i would like to first thank the Government of Gen. Yoweri Museveni for the good work done in army as a sector and i also in the same coil beg him to provide equality even in the Education sector.

  3. I have been a teacher for 10 years now. I have held a masters degree for 8 years now but that neither has helped the situation of earning peanuts. I have also lectured at 3 different private universities in this country and resigned from them and decided to teach in a Secondary school just to be able to get a lunch time meal atleast. Many times as teachers, our shoes get worn out and clods fade just because we endeavor to give our best service. This nation is very lucky because most teachers are passionate otherwise no one can handle a teacher’s life like true majority teachers soilder. Well, I must say Karma is a beautiful thing. The day will come when there will be fewer and fewer applicants for the course and we will see how teachers will remain a push over.

  4. I’m currently a secondary school teacher and I earn 200,000ugx per month. I don’t understand these salary scales that are constantly shown to the public. I feel great dishonesty in this display.

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