The covid-19 pandemic left almost everything around the world closed. But in just a year, the governments around the world tried their best to open their economies again. That was not the case for Uganda the country which has closed schools for the longest time due to the pandemic.

Since March 2020, all schools in Uganda have been closed. Of course, there were some months of reopening this year that didn’t last after the second wave that saw the government imposing a second lockdown. Those who belonged to the middle class were able to do homeschooling while the majority of the students simply waited for the schools to open again.

The good news is the president promised to open the whole economy come January 2022. In the same spirit, the Uganda school calendar for 2022 has been issued as we can see in the tables below. This cover Primary schools, secondary schools, technical schools, farm schools, and polytechnics

2022 Uganda Schools Calendar

Term From To No of Weeks
Term I Monday 10th January 2022 Friday 15th April 2022 14 weeks
Term II Monday 9th May 2022 Friday 12th August 2022 14 weeks
Term III Monday 5th September Friday 9th December 2022 14 weeks
TOTAL 42 weeks

2022 Uganda Schools Holidays Calendar

Term From To No of week
1st Term Holidays Saturday 16th April 2022 Sun 8th May 2022 3 Weeks
2nd Term Holidays Saturday 13th August 2022 Sun 4th September 2022 3 Weeks
3rd Term Holidays Saturday 10th December 2022 Sun 29th January 2022 7 Weeks
TOTAL 13 Weeks

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