The covid-19 pandemic disorganized the school calendar for the last three years. For the first time since 2020, the ministry of education and sports is readopting the former Uganda schools calendar.

According to the Uganda schools calendar for 2022, the school terms were longer by nine days.

According to the new Uganda schools calendar, students will have two full months for holidays this year. This has come after the ministry of health cut short the third term by two weeks due to the Ebola outbreak demanding that all schools close on the 25th of November 2022.

The students are expected to return to school on 6th February 2023. These include; primary schools, secondary schools, farm schools, polytechnics, and technical schools.

Many parents have not received the two-month-long holidays in good spirits because this is the third time that the school term has been cut short without any refunds for the school fees.

In Uganda, schools play a big role in preventing teenage pregnancies as well as child marriages by keeping the children engaged at school instead walking around the villages and towns making new friends.

Below are the other details of the Uganda schools calendar 2023

Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Technical/Farm, And Community Polytechnic Schools 

Term Start Close No of Days
Term I Monday 6th February 2023 Friday 5th May 2023 89 Days
Term II Monday 29th May 2023 Friday 25th August 2023 89 Days
Term III Monday 18th September 2023 Friday 1st December 2023 75 days
Total 253 Days

Uganda Schools Calendar 2023 Holidays

Term Start Close No of Days
1st Term Holidays 6th May 2023 28th May 2023 23 Days
2nd Terms Holidays 26th August 2023 17th September 2023 23 Days
3rd Term Holidays 2nd December 2023 5th February  2024 65 days
Total 104 Days

Along with the schools’ calendar for pre-primary, primary school, and other institutions in this category, the ministry of Education passed on the following notes;

  • The start of term I for S.1, S.5, and year 1 for technical/farm schools and community polytechnics will be communicated in due course
  • Teaching and learning should start promptly at the beginning of the school terms and these should not be cut short without clearance from the office in charge
  • All headteachers of boarding schools, especially those in Kampala city, Mukono,o and Wakiso districts should ensure that they stagger the starting dates for different classes over the week preceding the official opening and closing dates of the terms. This is intended to mitigate the inconveniences of traffic congestion.
  • All school open days and other annual functions should be set by individual schools and institutions during the second school term.
  • Schools and institutions should sensitize parents and other stakeholders about the school calendar

Uganda Schools Calendar For Technical, Vocational and Farm Institutes

Term Start Close No. Of Days
Term I Monday 6th February 2023 Friday 5th May 2023 89 Days
Term II Monday 29th May, 2023 Friday 25th August 2023 89 Days
Term III Monday 18th September 2023 Friday 1st December 2023


75 Days
  Total Days For Non Exams   253 Days
UBTEB Examinations 7th/08/2023 25th/08/2023 18 Days
20th/11/2023 1st/12th/2023 11 Days
Total Days For UBTEB   29 Days

Uganda Technical Colleges and Uganda Colleges of Commerce

Semester Start Close No. of Weeks
Semester I 09th Jan 2023 5th May 2023 17 weeks
Semester II 21st Aug 2023 15th Dec 2023 17 weeks
UBTEB Examinations 17th/04/2023 12th/05/ 2023 25 Days
27th/11/2023 15th/12/2023 18 Days
Industrial Training 15th May 2023 11th Aug 2023

Nursing Training Schools

Semester Start Close No. of days
Semester I 9th January 2023 5th May 2023 17 weeks
Semester II 10th July 2023 3rd November 2023 17 weeks
Paramedical institutions (Allied Health Institutions)
Semester I 16th January 2023 12th May 2023 17 weeks
Semester II 17th July 2023 10th November 2023 17 weeks



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