Uganda’s Carnivores’ Family

Uganda is one of the blessed countries in Africa to habituate the majority carnivores’ family in her savannah national parks. The carnivores’ animals range from the biggest to the smallest and are one of the core products the country sells to tourists on Uganda safaris. Lions are the biggest flesh eaters found in most of Uganda national parks. They are seen in Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park and Queen Elizabeth national park. They live in a family of 10 to 15 members and the feed on only on flesh. Lions are in position to hunt down one of the biggest mammals like the buffaloes, antelopes among others. Mostly female lions are the hunters while the male lions protect their territory.

Lions hunt at night and early morning when other animals are still helplessly sleeping. Their day time is use for resting and thus this explains why lions are easily seen during the morning hours than after noon hours. Uganda wildlife safaris offer game drives to tourists who are interested in seeing lions. Safaris to queen Elizabeth offer an added advantage of seeing the tree climbing lions at the Ishasha sector. This lions because of the hot temperature within the park focuses them to climb trees to get good shades and cool temperature. The tree climbing lions are only found in Queen Elizabeth national park and is one of the important attraction tourists enjoy on Uganda holiday.

Leopards are the most distinguish animals found in the wild. They prefer to stay alone and are so secretive which makes them not easy seen during safaris visit in Uganda. Lions are very good at hunting. They hunt their prey and take them up to the trees so as to avoid other carnivores like lions and hyenas. Leopards are the most beautiful among the carnivores with spotted skin. They hunt at night and spend the day time hiding in caves and on trees and also an extra reason to explain why they are difficult to spot during game drives. Leopards are commonly seen in the Kidepo national park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park during the early morning game drives.

Cheetahs unlike Leopards are easy to see animals. They refer to stay in an open savannah land which will be easy for them to catch their prey since they are very fast in running. These animals are seen in Kidepo National park while on your safaris to Uganda. They are also very good at hunting and one of the beautiful animals the park have. They look like leopards but they are much different from leopards because they are taller.

Hyenas found in Uganda are the spotted hyenas. They are skillful in hunting and also Scavengers. When they find something to eat, hyenas make a laugher sound to inform others. This sound is also use to communicate among them. Hyenas are easily seen where lions, leopards and cheetahs are found. They are very shy when it comes to hunting and therefore depends on they feed hunted by other carnivores. Safaris to Murchison falls offer you the highest chance of seeing the spotted hyenas.
The smallest carnivores include the wild cats. In Uganda, wild cats include the African Golden Cats, the serval cats among others. These cats are commonly seen at night when they are hunting. The cats are bigger than the domesticated cats and they have long legs. Wild cats mostly live in forested areas are can be seen in Kibale national park.

Despite Africa is known for many species of carnivores, travel writers agree that a safari in Africa to see the Big 5 animal and other carnivorous is incomplete with gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda. The 2 countries is not only blessed with carnivores but also inhabit the world’s last remaining population of the mountain gorillas, according to 2011 gorilla census. Bwindi Forest currently has over 10 gorilla habituated gorilla families available for tourism purposes and among these include Mubare, Rushegura, Habinyanja, Oruzogo, Bitukura, Kyaguriro, Kahunjye, Mishaya, Nkuringo, Nshongi and Businje among others. Rwanda also has over 10 gorilla groups and these include Sabyinyo, Susa, Hirwa, Ugenda, Group 13, Karisimbi, Umubano, Karisimbi and many more.