Uganda Lifts Ban on Social Media

2020 was a depressing year for many people. Almost everyone looked up to a new beginning come 2021. This was not an exception to Uganda. Many citizens had geared up for the 2021 elections hoping to give live updates on social media regardless of the Uganda government’s attempt to turn off social media networks days before 14th January 2021.

The failure to execute the social media shut down saw the government turning the internet in the whole country cutting it off from whatever was happening outside the view of the media cameras. About 5 days after the elections, the internet was switched on again but without open access to social media. This was not a big issue to Ugandans after all they had got used to using VPNs to access social media.

Just a few days into February, the government has opened access to social media networks. However, the OTT tax levied on everyone accessing social media without VPN remained. With many citizens used to accessing social media using VPN, there is a big expectation for a drop in the numbers of OTT payers