The government of Uganda through the Capital Markets Authority (CMA); the licensing body for all capital investment agencies in Uganda, has today steered clear on matters of people investing with Capital Chicken Limited, The Mall Fund Limited, and Veta Plan Chicken.

CMA said that they had received a number of inquiries from the public seeking guidance on the investment opportunities offered by the above three agencies. In the quest to clear the air; CMA has notified the public that Capital Chicken, Veta Plan Chicken, and The Mall Fund Limited are not licensed to offer investment contracts to the general public.

They went further to clarify that whoever deals with non-regulated investors puts themselves in a position where it is very hard to seek redress in case of unfair treatment. It is for this reason that the public is urged to only invest with agencies listed on the CMA website.

Press Release

Capital Markets Authority Contacts



Phone contacts: +256414342788/+256414342791/ +256312264950/ +256312264951/ +256312264955

Capital Chicken And Veta Plan In Summary

These two agencies have been in existence for a couple of years now. They offer investment plans where you earn a monthly interest of more than 12% per month but you only receive your return on investment after 4 to 5 months.

Capital chicken and Vetaplan chicken are more or less the same. The only difference between these two companies is the required minimum investment. With Capital Chicken, you can invest from as low as 100,000 Ugx while with Veta Plan Chicken, the minimum is Ugx 5,000,000. In simple terms, capital chicken is the budget option for those who cannot invest in veta plan chicken.

The two companies claim to deal in broilers. They claim that they use the money given to them to grow broilers and after a period of four to five months, they share the profits with you. The only challenge that has persisted over time is their lack of regulation from the Capital Markets Authority.

No one has so far come out with claims of having been scammed by these agencies but the red flag has always been; what happens when things go wrong in the absence of regulation? They offer good deals far better than what all the other investment agencies in Uganda offer but without regulation is more of a gambling game where you can lose your money without redress.

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