The trip is somewhat the effort Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) had put in to enhance Uganda’s initiation to tap the China travel market.

As per the China Tourism Research Institute, more than 120 million Chinese travel abroad every year and spends over $104.5 billion respectively.

Out of these, 10% travel to Africa. It may sound inconsequential, yet it is more than 10 million visitors. Notwithstanding, the main problem lies in that under 500,000 of these visit the country. The nation is said to be still in the shadows of nations who have relentlessly themselves to China before. Such nations incorporate Kenya Tanzania, and South Africa.

The Uganda Tourism Board senior marketing officer, Ali Safie discloses that their initiations to go through this market in the past were very disappointing due to low financing.

In any case, as of now, as things have begun falling set up following the government’s increased financial support to the tourism industry, they have set out on a vivacious drive to attract more Chinese tourists to the country.

To quote Ali, ‘all that really matters of the effort is to create more employment opportunities for Ugandans as the tourism industry has turned out to be one of the main players in ‎its international trade.’

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