Uganda Cranes Vs Kenya was the main match to lighten the hope of Uganda participating in the world cup 2022 as long as it bagged a 3 point win against Kenya. In the first half, there were two open play chances for Kenya that would have converted into goals but lacked the finishing. In the case of Uganda; they had an open goal with the Goal Keeper and defenders already beaten but still failed to net this special chance.

All hopes were high in the second half. Uganda had put up a fair show in the first half that left everyone hoping that they would up their game in the second half. In the 60th minute; the one-on-one counter-attack from Kenya earned them a free kicked which was later converted into a goal after poor set-piece defending from Uganda.

It seemed over for Uganda. All their attacks seemed unfruitful. Their hope was in set-pieces but Kenya had taller defenders that won almost even aerial attack from Uganda. The drama came in the 89th minute when the goalkeeper of Kenya tried to pass time but in the process of playing with the ball to pass more time; Bayo snatched the ball into the net earning Uganda a point in the last minutes.

By SePH256

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