On 7th December, Mr. Emmanuel Barungi the general manager of Uganda civil aviation authority issued a letter to the supervisors in the different civil aviation departments addressing with concern the use of phones by the different airport staff while at work. Among the affected staff include; Air operations’ Committee (AOC), port health doctors, airline station managers, Immigration, clearing and cargo among others

In the letter, he is quoted saying; “It has been noted with concern that the use of personal and other devices by Airport staff while on duty has been continued unabated despite consequent security and safety concerns, this is, therefore, to direct that with immediate effect, no staff shall be allowed to carry his or her personal mobile phones or any other device to their respective work stations.’’

The majority of the staff is expected to surrender their phones upon arrival before commencing the day’s work. This new restriction does not apply to all airport staff. The different airport service providers are expected to submit lists of the key staff members who must be exempted from this restriction.

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