Uganda Celebrating World Tourism Day in Mbale

Uganda will be joining the rest of the world to commend the this year’s World Tourism Day on 27th September, whose object is to foster awareness among communities on the significance of tourism, its social, cultural, political and economic value.

The event is being coordinated by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB); government’s tourism advertising and promoting organization.

In Uganda, World Tourism Day festivities are rotated on a yearly basis across the areas of the nation to encourage equitable participation and visibility.

In this year’s festivals as indicated by Uganda Tourism Board will be held in the Eastern District of Mbale at Mbale Stadium, under the theme; ‘Tourism and Community Development’.

Throughout this week, there will be many events in Mbale town and the stadium including shows portraying the region’s culture, natural and historical attractions, heritage, dance, drama, music, leading to the peak on Saturday. The Uganda Wild Life Education Center (UWEC) will likewise be showcasing, from some of its animals like lions, leopards, ostriches, peacocks, monkeys, bushbucks, pythons and crocodiles.

A hot air balloon manned by Balloon Tours Limited, a local tour company, will begin flights over Mbale region on Thursday to Sunday this week. UTB has taken local tourism to a higher level by developing and marketing regional clusters and has engaged various stake holders to spread this initiative.

Uganda Tourism Board is currently marketing regional clusters as a part of its domestic tourism strategy. In this area we have the most delightful view, amazing caves, Wanale Hill, agro tourism (rice, coffee, and bee keeping), Sipi falls and bull fighting among others.

Tourism in Uganda has been developing at a fast pace. The nation is serene, disease free and investment opportunities are available in the industry.