The Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (Cosase) got in total shock yesterday after learning of the salary structure at Uganda airlines. The national carrier that reported around 164 billion Uganda shillings in losses is at the moment one of the highest paying institutions in the whole country.

According to the reports from Cosase; The Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Uganda Airlines earns a monthly salary of Ugx 87,000,000 (around $23600 per month). Next in her ranks is the director of maintenance who earns Ugx 80,000,000 per month (approximately $21,700 per month).

The chief finance officer at Uganda airlines earns Ugx 73,000,000 per month ($19,750 per month) while the Manager of finance earns Ugx 58,000,000 per month (approximately $14500 per month). Among the least paid top staff is the Manager IT who earns Ugx 36,000,000 (approximately $9,750 per month) and the Human resource manager who earns Ugx 43,000,000 (approximately $11,650 per month)


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