Uganda Airways was dissolved in 2001 after the government moved to push for privatization a few years earlier. After the liquidation of Uganda airlines, a number of stakeholders more so from the tours and travel industry continually made an outcry to the government of Uganda for the re-institution of a national carrier. In 2018, the outcry was answered by the government setting out on the process of the re-institution of the Uganda airways.

A year later; on the 28th of August 2019; the national carrier was re-instituted under the names of Uganda Airlines.  Today marks two years since the national carrier was re-instituted. In these two years, there has been a number of ups and downs. The airline has made headlines mostly for the wrong reasons overshadowing its excellent services.

However much the services of Uganda Airlines are rated excellent. Most of the issues have been around corruption and mismanagement among the top officials. Just a week ago; the president of Uganda; Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued a directive for the sacking of the top officials in Uganda airlines on grounds of mismanagement and corruption.

The airline also made headlines after running out of fuel in Tanzania during their second year in business. But amidst all these challenges; Uganda airlines has been providing excellent airline services to its customers since its inception. It has provided chartered flight services to Uganda cranes as well as a number of Uganda’s athletes who have featured in international competitions such as Cheptegei.

As of today; Uganda airlines flies to Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. Among the other destinations that Uganda airlines are in the process of including on their weekly flight schedule include; London, Dubai, Mumbai, Guanzhou among other destinations.

The airline has a total of 6 planes with an average age of 1.8 years.

The second-anniversary celebrations were held in different locations including but not limited to Nairobi, Mogadishu, Jabu, among several other locations. In Uganda, their celebrations were held at Victoria Mall’s Uganda Airlines offices. Some of the uniformed staff were also taken for a behind-the-scenes tour at Uganda wildlife Education Center in Entebbe.

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