With less consideration given to this adventurous tourist activity, birding is among the most interesting and memorable tour activities one can enjoy while on a Uganda safari. The country has a wide range of different bird species, Uganda is one of the leading birding destinations in Africa, and shockingly tourists, get astounded with the amazing beauty possessed by this peaceful African country.

Unlike other nations where a tourist needs to move from park to park looking for birds, in Uganda, a tourist can see different bird species anywhere so long as he/she is within the proximity of the nation. Some voyagers get amazed when they see different birds in the middle of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city yet it looks to be crowded with a lot of people. The reason is straightforward since Ugandans are typical Africans and they respect their norms which trace way back from their ancestors.

In African Traditional society, man should respect nature and also take it as a first priority since it is what he bases on to survive. This is the motivation behind why the local people in Uganda allow living with these birds peacefully without interfering with their life. In some different nations, birds are tortured as they are hunted, killed, and eaten.

Now let us take a deep look into why Uganda is listed among the best birding destination in the world and why it registers a huge number of birding tours every year. A trip to some of Uganda’s areas regardless of whether it is a town or a village is simply enough to make somebody agree to the statement. Different bird species are seen flying above and roaming around the whole area making it attractive and stunning.

In spite of the fact that birds can be seen everywhere in the country, there are some assigned destination where tourists can have a relaxed view of them like;- around lakes for instance Lake Mburo, Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert, Lake Bunyoyi around the source of the Nile and others. Also, birds can be watched in the different national parks, and actually, this can act as an additional safari package on someone’s tour.

If you’re interested in bird watching tours in Uganda, you can contact African Jungle Adventures Ltd which is a leading tour company in Uganda. They offer birding and other safari packages like; wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking tours, boat cruise, cultural tours among others. Our safaris are guided by professional, experienced, and locally trained tour guides.

Among the bird species, one should expect to see on his / her birding tour in Uganda include;- ostriches, bustards, herons, plovers, and lapwings, painted snipe, kites, eagles, egrets, darters, kingfishers, turacos, hornbills, barbets, falcons, parrots, doves, cranes, pigeons, hawks, shoebills and many more.

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