UCC dragged to court over SIM card registration

Rights Trumpet Ltd and the petitioner Norman Tumuhimbise dragged the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to the Civil Division of the High Court through the lawyers of Niwagaba and Mwebesa today.

The court is scheduled to hear the petition Wednesday that the petitioners are requesting the court to temporarily block Uganda Communication Commission from continuing the process.

On April 12, Uganda Communication Commission issued a 7day deadline in which all telecommunication service subscribers need to update their SIM card details using only their national IDs.

Taking after a meeting with different telecoms companies, UCC cautioned that all SIM cards whose details are not updated and reviewed by the provider by Thursday will be deactivated.

However, as the petitioners indicated, it was illegal for UCC to limit citizens to use only national ID cards for registration, yet there are other official documents such as passports that foreigners could use for registration.

In their main lawsuit, the activists need the court to set aside and announce the UCC decision as invalid.