The long-awaited S.6 results also known as the Uganda Certificate of Education results have finally come out with girls outperforming boys. Due to the pandemic, there was a decline in the number of candidates. In 2019, UNEB registered 104476 candidates while in 2020; they only registered 98392 candidates. The decline has been attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected several spheres of life.

Worth being noted; out of the 98392 candidates, only 97,084 actually sat for the exams 41190 of which were female candidates.

The performance was better than that of 2019. 99.2% of the 2020 candidates were able to hit the mark of acquiring a certificate. This shows an improvement compared to 2019 98.6% success percentage. In detail; only 769 candidates failed to get a certificate and only 68,013  of the 97084 candidates qualify to continue for University.





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