Two Arrested Over Ivory Trafficking in Nebbi District

Police in Nebbi district in northern Uganda have arrested 2 suspects over illegal possession of protected wildlife species.

The two Bakole Bruhan, 42 a carpenter from Yumbe and Draku Adnan, 36 a property master from Arua were found with 21 kilograms of chopped ivory for which they were looking market.

The illicit activity was uncovered by intelligence through Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) covert operators, together with police coming about into the arrests.

One of the suspects, Adnan confessed to having got the pieces of ivory from a Congolese man a year prior to look for market in Uganda.

The suspects are still held at Nebbi Central Police Station and will be delivered in court on February 3 preceding they are accused of illicit possession of wildlife species as opposed to the Uganda Wildlife Act 2000 area 75 (b).

Elephants are among the most endangered and threatened wildlife species in the whole world, they are mostly killed because of their Ivory which is on high demand in the world market most especially in Asian countries. Ivory is used to make expensive jewelry, ivory chopsticks, ivory figurines, and hair ornaments all of which are exceptionally prized luxuries.

Ivory and other elephant products trade were prior banned after the enormous killing of elephants in Africa to supply the nigh demand for ivory in Asian markets particularly in China which greatly affected the elephant population in Uganda which has prompted to decrease to the number of tourists visiting the continent more especially the animal lovers.

Two tusks from one male adult elephant can weigh more than 250 pounds, with every pound of ivory costing around USD1,500 on the black market. Uganda has less than 5000 elephants in all national parks thus poaching threaten our income.